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The Art to Survive Metamorphosis

Changes and metamorphoses are a part of human life. Art allows a process and reflection on the changes and metamorphosis we undergo as human beings. This time the change seems to be more dramatic and chaotic than ever. That's why the Isolation Collection platform was established - to give expression to the personal experiences of the artists incorporated in it.

Why squander more words and images on the countless content that goes online? There is no real chance of dealing with the unimaginable wave of information, writing, ideas, images of situations and experiences. But that doesn't stop us from continuing to create - because creation is the human impetus for self-expression. This is the celebration we wanted to share with others by working on the Isolation Collection.

At last, a realignment of the usual human dimensions - the private circle of each and every one of us: We create mostly for ourselves; the external interaction (at least for these times) makes less of an impact. There is an opportunity to shed the artificial images and try to reveal what really interests us. To express what is important for us and to find out about ourselves. We want to share these moments and thoughts with colleagues and the people around us.

What it will reveal about us is still too early to appreciate and maybe it won't reveal anything at all, but the feeling that there is a potential for discovery is what inspires a rethinking of a lesser-known and resolute world. The power of the imagination is now more empowered than at any other "normal" time.

The Isolation Collection is a platform for tracking movements of the lockdown months – we will be able to go back to these images and words in the future and try to understand the quandaries, deliberations, fears and humor of this time. 

Hagai Segev

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