The land of double heaven

Special_Edition: 2/5
analog Foto | framed, white object frame
22 x 32 cm

Minimum Donation: 500 €

HEAVEN ON EARTH, the land of double heaven

*Freedom *bedded in clouds *one sees the world *it is the longing on this earth *like a bird *to look at the world *this is an attempt to do it

Series of works_30 photos with painted mirrors | 2002 - 03

The horizon in the photos was painted by me on crystal mirrors. analog - no computer manipulation. During my artist_residence in Schwalenberg.

I documented the same window view from the studio building over the mountains for half a year. It represents a desired reality that does not exist.

The starting point of the series is the Ukrainian flag, which is made up of 2 horizontal surfaces: blue at the top and yellow at the bottom.

It represents the blue sky and golden wheat field. The horizon connects these elements. Through my targeted photography, I keep the clouds and sky on the land.

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