Demob Fashion on 42nd Street 

New York City, 1983

Archival quality print on high grade archive paper(unframed)
limited 1/10
30cm x 20cm

Minimum Donation: 500 €

Demob Fashion on 42nd Street New York City 1983: This is a photo that I took in 1983 New York City on 42nd Street near Grand Central Station. I worked with the London fashion house Demob put together by Jon Baker in New York. At the time there was a big cultural exchange between the two cities with fashion, music and art. Here we have as models Carmel, John the Greek, Mandy D’Witt and Michelle Young. I had the idea of having them just walk down 42nd street arm in arm and see what reactions they would get. This was the first reaction, but it doesn’t look friendly. Working with Demob I got some amazing clothes like a silver suit and a great Zoot suit. I wish I still had those, but I would rather have Michelle around. She was a close friend back in the day. She is missed. A big thank you to Jon Baker for making it possible

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